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Austin Insulation Company: Helping Homes Become Energy Efficient

Did you know that roughly 44% of your energy dollars is eaten up by heating or cooling systems (US Department of Energy estimate)? Winter heat loss and summer heat gain are the main reasons for this problem. To counter this energy waste in your home proper insulation is the answer. Energy conservation is increasingly becoming a major priority for many homeowners while building a new house. Older houses usually have insufficient insulation or no insulation at all. Insulation can save you a lot of cash currently spent on utility bills. Call your local Austin Insulating Service to know more. You can derive great benefits by having Insulating Service boost your home’s insulation performance.

Austin Insulation Company: Understanding How Heat Loss Affects Your Energy Bill

Air moves naturally from warm to cool places. In winter, air will flow from heated places to lower temperature zones in your house, like the attic, basement and eventually escaping to the outdoors. In summertime, air flows from warm outside area to the cooler parts of your home. Every house has openings and areas like attics, chimneys, walls, floors and crawlspaces that facilitate the entry and exit of heat into your house. An experienced Austin Insulating Service can help you to stay warm in the winter and beat the heat in the summer.

The continuous fluctuation of temperatures inside the home has an adverse effect not only on your comfort levels but also on your energy bill. In winter, heat loss is replaced by your heating system. Your air conditioner will have to work harder to displace the extra heat in summer. Not only are the fluctuations in temperatures uncomfortable but they can also create a build up moisture. When this happens, mold and mildew tend to grow on your interior walls. Trying to fix this problem can be an expensive venture. A knowledgeable Austin Insulating Service has the required skills to take care of this problem through efficient insulation.

Advantages of Having Your Home Insulated by an Austin Insulation Company Insulation limits air spaces and thus effectively resists flow of heat into and out of your home. When your home is properly insulated by an Austin Insulating Service you can effectively reduce your energy bills by at least 50%. Skeptical as to how you can save this much? The less air your home loses the less work your heating and conditioning units will need to do. With insulation in place, it allows the indoor temperatures to stabilize. By making your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, insulation enhances the comfort levels of your home.

Furthermore, insulation prevents condensation, which, in turn, discourages growth of mold and mildew. Insulated homes have higher market values than non-insulated ones and so will fetch better price when resold. Insulation is also good from an environmental perspective. Less use of heating and cooling systems means less use of non-renewable energy resources and lower greenhouse emissions. Calling your local Insulating Service can be your first step in converting your home into an energy efficient and eco-friendly space.

An Austin Insulation Company: Providing a Range of Insulation

There is a variety of insulation materials, each having its own different use. The material used to make blankets or batt rolls is fiberglass. These are sold in large blankets cut to an average wall joist, ceilings or attic size. But batts won’t work on all areas of your house. For instance, blown-fiber insulation is the most recommended material for covering the areas between joists. Some avid DIY homeowners often attempt to install insulation themselves but even if do-it-yourself installation saves on professional fees, it is not necessarily the cost-effective option. Inefficient installation does little to improve your energy bill. Won’t you be more comfortable if the job is done correctly? Ineffective results of an amateurish do-it-yourself job can burn a hole in your pocket. Call in an experienced Austin Insulating Service to save you from this outcome.

There is a need for proper installation as the world is now placing more importance on the necessity of energy conservation. Optimize your home’s insulation performance with a variety of materials offered by an Austin Insulating Service. Cellulose or fiberglass in loose form can be used to insulate wall cavities. This requires the use of a special blower. Foam insulation requires measuring, mixing and spraying of material into target area. For ceilings, the best material is vermiculite, made from perlite and mica ore. Rigid foam board insulations are also used for insulation. These work well for use in interior walls, roofs and foundations.

Insulation Company: What Are R-values

R-value is a term used to classify the insulating ability of the available types of insulation. The higher insulating quality, the higher the R-value. Each home requires a different set of numbers for minimum level of R-values. Homes in cold climates require higher R-values than the ones in milder climate. Materials with lower R-values are needed for walls than, for instance, ceilings found under attic spaces. A qualified Austin Insulating Service will factor all these elements when establishing the amount of insulation you house requires.

An Austin Insulation Company: Helping New and Old Homes

Whether you look forward to building an insulating envelope in your new or existing home, an Austin Insulating Service knows exactly what your home needs. They will make recommendations not only based on specific residential structure requirements but also based on your personal preferences and your budget. However, insulating old homes tend to be more expensive than new homes. Spaces during building construction are more readily accessible making the job easier. Insulating an existing home can be more involved. An older house may require inspection from an electrician to see if the wiring system is up to standards. An experienced Austin Insulating Service can get the job done properly and quickly regardless of challenges that occur.

The energy rates are rising constantly so this is the best time to have your home insulated by an experienced Austin insulation company. Installing insulation might sound expensive but look at the benefits. When you see how it contributes to your home, your savings and the environment, the benefits definitely warrants the expense. If you lack the budget to cover the project, you can apply for a home equity loan. You can use your savings from your monthly energy bills to pay off your loan. Families with low income can apply for assistance from the US Department of Energy. One phone call can help you manage your energy bills and get a comfortable temperature level at home plus help build a better environment. Enjoy the benefits of a properly insulated home with help from a skilled Austin Insulating Service.


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